We now also do laser cutting, engraving, marking and custom work. 

We now also added another weapon to our arsenal. We are now the proud owners of a SA-Argus 90W CO2 laser cutter and engraver. This gives us an extra dimension of capability to present as a a solution to our clients.

We also have a dedicated laser cutting website with more examples of our work. Please have a look here as well. 


 We also decided to purchase the rotary attachment for our machine which allows us to engrave on bottles, glasses and basically any round object.


With this machine we are able to do all the work a laser cutting machine and engraver is capable of except the cutting of metal. 



of the following materials is only a few examples, with many more possible. 


  • MDF (Superwood) up to 12mm thick. 
  • Acrylic (Perspex/Plexiglass) any color or clear, up to 12mm thick. 
  • All kinds of paper, cardboard scrapbooking materials. 
  • Romark dual color laminated signage material. 
  • ABS Plastic
  • Leather
  • Certain types of fabric  (Enquire if your fabrik can be cut) 
  • Vinyl 


of the following materials is possible. 


  • Glass (Bottles, Glasses for gifts or branding)
  • Wood 
  • Romark (Dual color laminated plastic. Basically we engrave away the one color leaving the bottom color. Especially used for name tags) 
  • Acrylic (Especially the clear acrylic gives a very nice finish for photo engraving when lit up) 
  • Steel (With special laser engraving spray that bonds with the steel to form a permanent bond in black) 


This is just to name the common materials. The truth is that we won't know if we don't try, so if you want something cut to an accuracy of 0.02mm then give us a call and we can work out a quote for you.  


See below for a sample of a coaster that was engraved on our machine.