Everyday stuff. 


3d Printing is rapidly revolutionizing the world. It is being likened to the 3 rd industrial revolution of the world. Only surpassed by mechanization of manufacturing and then the invention of the assembly line by Henry Ford. 

You can literally take anything and digitize it via 3d scanning or software 3d modeling tools, to reproduce, modify or better it. We offer the printing service to the man in the street to help do this.

 There is a rapidly growing network of designers, fans and tinkerers out there who upload their designs to websites dedicated to sharing 3d printing designs for download and print. You will be absolutely amazed at what is available out there and well worth a visit.






 …..to name a few….

We offer a printing service to our customers who would like to have something from these websites printed. You simply e-mail us the link and we send you a quote for the printing. Please note we do not take responsibility for the 3d model or design. We only offer the printing service.

Go ahead….give it a go and get a quote…you just might like what you find. 


 Cookie Cutters

We have gotten VERY good at this. Funny enough it is one of the things I get asked to do most often. Simply because of the fact that we can make ANY shape you can imagine and we have made some interesting ones. 


Not only for cookies, but also cupcakes, large cakes and some pottery clay folks use us for custom shapes and stamps.


 We have recently started doing custom cookie cutters and impression stamps for a few prominent bakery clients. One of those clients is Jacki Sands who makes the most amazing edible art creations. 


Have a look at what she does here on her website.